Will You Join Me? The Big Juice Spring Clean

fruits-465832_1280I love freshly made juices. Not only do they taste great and it’s full of vitamins and other nutrients, some even say it helps clean the body of unhealthy toxins. I have been thinking of juicing for years, but never was I truly able to get started. Initially, it seemed like a lot of work and since I don’t know enough to make sure my body gets what it needs, I’ve been concerned about making some serious mistakes. Now I have reconsidered. I have joined the big juice spring clean. I will be juicing for five days.

When is it and what do I need?

The big juice spring clean will start Monday 13th April and will last for five days. It is for free. Every day I’ll get free recipe videos, free coaching videos, shopping lists and behind the scenes from the Juicy Oasis Retreat sent to my mailbox. Al I need is a juicer and a blender. I will probably learn a lot about nutrition during this week. I might also shed a few pounds.

I’m going to write every day about my experiences. If someone else would like to join this experience, it would be great if we could support each other. Come back to this site the 13th of April or send me your email address and I will send you a link every day when I’ve updated my blog.

I’m so looking forward to this experience. At the same time, I’m a bit scared. My orange-juice-569064_1280biggest fear is that I will not be able to make all five days. Even if you choose not to juice yourself, I hope for your support during this week.

I’ve joined the big juice spring clean. Will you?

10 thoughts on “Will You Join Me? The Big Juice Spring Clean

  1. Hi Marie
    Yes Juicing is great. Lately I have been increasing juicing my fruits.

    In particular I have been enjoying juicing carrots and couldn’t believe how great they taste as I never really bother previously.

    Now drinking more water and juicing fruits and vegetables.

    I am already starting to feel the benefits and more cravings for other drinks such as soft drinks are not there in fact since I started this way I am not even interested in any carbonated drinks or this full of sugar.

    I am so grateful for this.

    So Just wanted to say thank you for confirming with me that Juicing is such a great and healthy option.

    Wishing you well in all you do in life.

    Take care


    • Hello Andre!

      I always try to buy freshly made juice if I can find it. The first time I tried juicing carrots I was a bit worried – could carrots really taste good? But now it is one of my favorites.

      I had a juicer a long time ago, but it didn’t work so well so I hardly ever used it. Now I have bought a new, really good juicer and I look forward to juice for five days! I will learn so much. I also look forward seeing the results. Will I feel stronger? Have more energy? Lose weight? Let’s see what happens.

      Take care

  2. Hey Marie,
    I am interested to see how this works out for you. Personally I am not a big fan of day long cleanses, but I do like making healthy smoothies everyday (preferably green smoothies). I haven’t tried juicing yet, but maybe you will provide some recipes I will want to try 🙂

    • Hello Sarah!

      If you would have asked me a year ago if I would do juicing for five days I would have said no 🙂 But more than a year ago I was really tired all the time. I tried everything I could think of but was still very tired. Then I did a cleanse – I’ll write more about that one day – and everything changed. So I’m really interested to see how this will affect me. A bit scared thou. I’ve never gone a day without food without a reason like the stomach flu.

      I’ll let you know about my favorite recipes!


      • It is something to say how peolpe will look for anything to help with with treatments that don’t kill us down the road.I have several friends that have been keeping themselves alive with cancer for well over 5-10 years with no treatments from hospitals.All the vegies and friuts they are putting in this are good for your daily diet.Wash the produce like you are washing a diaper.I’m in my sixties and for the last year i’ve been more free of pain than i ever have.

        • That was interesting, Valcilda. I have heard about the health effects. It’s going to be interesting to juice for five days to find out what happens. I’ll be blogging about it every day.

  3. I’ve never done a cleansing treatment this way. But when I’m not pregnant anymore I’m going to look into it. I’ve heard good things about them.

    • Hello Sarah!

      It’s good that you don’t do it while pregnant. I’ve never done anything like this, so it is all new to me too. What if I, the first day, realize I can’t do it? Well, let’s see what happens!


  4. I’m probably more scared of sugar than I am fat so a juice challenge doesn’t sound like a good idea… I usually have kale and wheatgrass shakes, they’re not the best tasting but do the job! Greg

    • Hi Greg!
      You have a point. Fruit contains a lot of sugar. Since sugar is not good for you, fruit juice is not the best option. On the other hand not all juices are made of fruit. You can juice carrots, tomatoes, kale, broccoli… I think it’s going to be a lot of vegetables, avocado, wheatgrass and other healthy options to juice. I know I read somewhere they have made sure we would get all nutrients and fibers the body needs.

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