Will I make it? The Big Juice Spring Clean

Tomorrow it will finally start; the Big Juice Clean. The big question is will I make it? 007I love fresh juices, but it is a huge difference to buy  fresh made orange juice in the Café only to live on juices for five days.

I have done everything I can to prepare. Today I have been shopping all the fruit and vegetables I need. Tonight I have received the videos so I can learn how to make the juices for tomorrow. When the juices are made there is also a lot of information. It is very interesting. I’m confident I will know much more about nutrition after these days than I do today.

Will there be a difference?003

I want to see what difference it makes if I juice for five days – if there is any
difference. I have a few photos that my son took today. I wanted to see what I looked like before and after the five days. Probably there will not be a visible difference, but to be on the safe side I took a few photos.

I also pulled out my cool bathroom scale. It does not only show the weight. I can also see how much fat I have (the lower, the better), how much water my body carries (a higher amount is better), how many calories I burn a normal day, how old my body006 is inside and how much bad fat I have on my stomach (the number should be as low as possible). I have to admit I don’t understand how it works, but I know for a fact my numbers were very good until I started to get burned out and almost depressed. Then I started to gain weight, fat, stomach fat and I aged inside.



Weight:             68,6 kg

Fat:                     37,7 %

Water:               43,6 %

Burning/day:   1309 kcal

Age “inside”:   50 (I’m 45)

Stomach:          7

Let’s see what happens after five days… if I make it!

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  1. Hi Marie. I know you’re efforts will make a difference for you. But I have a question. What’s the stomach measurement of 7 mean? I’ve never heard of a stomach measurement before.

    • Great question, Sarah! It measures the fat on the stomach. It is the most dangerous fat to have so it should be low. The lower the better.

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