Why Should I Meditate?

You might ask yourself: “Why should I Meditate?” Meditation, breathing exercises, “dhyaan”woman-687560_1280– all have captured the attention of a vast multitude of the population these days, with our schedules become even more hectic and stress levels rising rapidly. Every day is chock-a-block full with a list of errands, jobs, home duties, parenting tasks etc. that it is very hard to think of free time to devote to one’s own self. But, the reality is that, this time, if taken out, can do as well as the people around you a lot of good.

Meditation, in itself, has immense power to take control of your inner faculties and bring them back to a state where the daily tasks may not reduce or cut themselves back, but the activity and the agility with which you approach them will certainly be multiplied manifold and the resultant efficiencies will be witnessed by you in a matter of a few days only.Here are some of the reasons that should prompt you to take out those 20 priceless and very important minutes out of your busy schedule, for your own self and your inner faculties.

Here are some of the reasons that should prompt you to take out those 20 priceless and very important minutes out of your busy schedule, for your own self and your inner faculties.

Mental and cognitive benefits:

  • Once you relax your brain by leaving the stressful thoughts aside, the mental conditioning gets drastically improved, as the different parts of the brain get a chance to interact and communicate with one another in a better way, thereby improving the overall cognitive ability.candles-492171_1280
  • Another cognitive advantage that meditation has on the mental well-being of a person is in terms of the increased ability of concentration or focus that it brings along with it. Even small sessions of meditation can ensure that you perform the brain-taxing tasks in a much better way without getting distracted by any other external means or sources.
  • In addition to the improvement of the various cognitive functions, meditation also improves the memory of the person. The effects of this will be clearly apparent in the day-to-day instances when the instances of forgetfulness related to small things will decrease drastically.

Psychological benefits:

  • Scientific studies have clearly shown that even small durations of meditation and relaxing of the mind can bring down the stress hormone levels significantly, leaving an overall rejuvenated self that you can put to use in your daily tasks in a better way.
  • Once the inner self is relaxed and you are at peace with your own innerwomen-481916_1280 faculties, it will automatically get embodied in your interpersonal relationships as well as interactions with the people around you. This can make sure that you transmit positive vibes wherever you go and exude an aura of happiness in general.
  • More often than not, once a person starts meditating, he/she develops a better realization of what is good for him/her. This leads to incorporation of good food in the daily diet, good thoughts for the mind and good actions on a daily scale. As a result, the physical fitness of the body automatically peaks once the mind is at peace and at rest.
  • Believe it or not, the psychological effects of meditation manifest themselves in your life in every way possible. Not only does it make you believe in yourself and your power, thereby making you more confident, it fills your inner self with an overall happiness, that reduces the stress and any kind of inflammation in the body, that it may bring along.

 Physical benefits:

  • By improving the heart rate, as well as the respiratory rate, meditation ensures that the high blood pressure levels are brought down to a more optimum value.
  • An apparent advantage of meditation is that it slows down aging. This is very obvious as most of the signs of aging are a consequence of our self getting bogged down under the weight of the stress and tension of daily life, which manifests itself as various physical indications. Once the impact of that stress on the body is reduced, the body will not just feel, but will also look significantly younger.candle-335965_1280
  • Meditation has been shown to improve the immune response of the body to a great extent. This leads to an overall immunity and better developed resistance to the daily ailments that afflict a large number of people.
  • Meditation also improves the overall metabolism as well as the digestive functions of the body. This means that the food that you eat will get digested faster and the body will also respond more to any kind of physical workout that you subject it to. As a result, all your efforts to lose weight will bear better fruit when you keep your inner self calm and relaxed and allow it to respond to the various weight loss techniques.
  • Meditation has also been known to increase the fertility levels in individuals, as reduction of stress is directly linked to an increase in the sperm count.

Thus, 20 minutes of your daily 24 hours can bring along a host of the above benefits and touch each and every aspect of your life in its own way. As a result, it will make sure all your days pass with the tasks getting completed on time, in the best way possible and leaving you happy, active and agile, no matter what may cross your way. To say the least, if something such as meditation is known to influence so many aspects of our life in so many positive ways, it is at least worth giving it a try to see for ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Why Should I Meditate?

  1. Hi Marie,

    I really love this post. I agree. Meditation is so good for the soul, but I like pretty much everyone don’t make time for it in my life. I know I should! I spend hours watching television to “relax” after I come home from work (and to preoccupy my mind) instead of living in the moment and occupying my soul and body.

    I think the best thing about meditation is that there are no negatives to it whatsoever.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this

    All the best


    • Hello Katia,
      I’m glad you liked this post. I have used television to “relax” so many times! A lot of people uses it to relax, but I have realized if I watch TV and then go to sleep I’m not relaxed and it is hard to fall to sleep. Instead, I have to do something to relax for real: meditation, visualization or tapping. Then I have no problem to fall asleep.

  2. Hi,Malie!!
    I love this post! Meditation is very important to calm mind and positive thinking.I look forward to your new post!!
    My previous website was gone so I start making new site with my own domain now!
    Have a nice day!!

    • Hello Yoko, so glad you liked the post. Relaxation is so important. I plan to write about different ways to relax so everyone can find their favorite ways of relaxing. Looking forward to see your new website.

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