Top Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Daily Diet

Fitness mantras have become more the norm these days with a lot of peoplegym-526995_1280 flocking to gyms and other fitness centres, not just to maintain their shapes and stay lean, but also as part of the consciousness towards the body as a whole. In this quest, we come across a range of diets and nutritional requirements that our body needs to be able to sustain its daily tasks in the best and the most efficient way possible. Needless to say, the right food forms a very essential component of our life and our daily activity levels and the agility  with which we perform all our chores are directly related to it.

However, there is another equally important aspect related to these diets that is often overlooked but which is extremely important if you want to ensure that the food that you are having performs the functions that it is supposed to within the body. This is the “how” aspect of eating food which covers the time, duration and the manner of having food, which will be beneficial to the metabolic functions in the long run.

12 easy to follow tips

Here are some of the tips which absolutely need to be kept in mind when it comes to the proper way of eating food:

  • A very crucial aspect when it comes to maintaining the bodily fitness via dietsfood-569158_1280 is to control the amount of food that you are ingesting. Instead of having two or three heavy meals in a day, it is always better to split the total amount of food into smaller portions that can be consumed four to six times in a day. This will give the digestive system more time to act on the food, thereby ensuring better functioning.
  • Chewing food is one guideline that most of us have been receiving right from our childhood days. It holds true as well, as a large amount of unchewed food in the digestive tracts puts pressure on the systems and leads to lessapple-15687_1280 than optimum functioning. This can be avoided by ensuring that food is chewed on at least 32 times before it is actually gulped down into the digestive system.
  • There is a great stress on eating the “right foods” when it comes to maintaining the fitness of the body. While the right foods are important, equally important is the choice of the right food for the right time. For instance, heavy carbohydrates should be avoided at night time, the foods which naturally
    produce heat in the bodily systems should be reserved for the winter months
  • In addition to food, water also forms a very important part in regulating the entire functioning of the body. Ensure sufficient intake of water. But, care water-290206_1280should be taken that this water is not drunk in between meals. Also, drink water in small sips and do not gulp it down in one go.
  • Keep food journals if you find it difficult sticking to your calorie schedule. Seeing all the things that you eat written down, all in one place, will show you the clear scenario as to how much more you need to cut down.
  • An extremely beneficial technique that will ensure you do not end up consuming more than is required is to plate your food away from the place where the buffer is being kept. That way, getting up to take a second helping will become a relatively difficult task which will sometimes get avoided altogether.
  • Never starve yourself when there is a big meal due on a particular day. Not eating anything on that day will actually lead to binge eating, which can have more disastrous consequences than that self-chosen meal before the occasion, which will actually help you stay away from the oil and salt laden foods.
  • Breakfast is one meal of the day that should never be missed under any circumstances. The reason for this is that after the long night, the body isgoji-berries-642122_1280 starved and hence, needs something to get it going for the rest of the day. Also, a well-laid out breakfast will ensure that you consume less amount of food during the rest of the day on account of the digestive system being full.
  • Use a smaller plate while eating your meals as this will give an illusion of the food appearing too much to eat. As a result, you will end up consuming less than intended, which will be beneficial to all the dietary aims that you have set out to achieve.
  • Avoid taking your meals while sitting in front of the TV. This is because the distraction from the television can lead to overeating because of the fact that the person no longer remains mindful of what and how much he/she is eating and this can have bad consequences.
  • Brush your teeth as soon as you have dinner at night Once you brush yourtoothbrush-571741_1280 teeth, the chances of midnight snacking are reduced significantly.
  • When eating at home, take a reasonable serving on your plate and store the leftovers in the refrigerator immediately. This will take care of the second helpings and avoid any kind of overeating in the meal.

Thus, as important as the content on the plate, are the techniques using which that content is ingested. Hence, it is extremely important that these easy tips are taken care of on a daily basis. Once they are made a part of the daily routine, there will be no more need to resort to the heavy and hard to follow diets that actually end up doing more harm than good.

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  1. Very useful tips Marie! I like to read all your articles which is I’m interested in too. I also don’t like to eat food with watching TV.I rather to enjoy what I’m eating. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your post!

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