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Everyday life is hectic. We have so much to do every single day. Instead of enjoying life we tend to run from one task to the next. We expect a lot of ourselves and have high demands; believing we have to be perfect. Nowadays stress affects a lot of people in a negative way; headaches, problems sleeping, a feeling of tiredness that never disappears and depression are some common side effects.

Why does so many of us think that we always have to perform at the top? Why do wealways-226324_1280 expect so much from ourselves? Do we always have to give 100 % in every area of life, failing in some and looking at others who has it all and does it all? Stop comparing yourself to others; it is an illusion you try to live up to. Instead, you have to ask yourself other questions: When do I have time for myself? What have I done to reduce stresses in my own life?

I’ve done much research and tried many techniques to reduce the stresses and live a more stress-free life. It’s a jungle out there with al kind of advice, some good and some not so good, and it can be a bit confusing. I will let you know my experiences with different solutions. All you need is some good information to know what would work for you and it’s my sincere hope I will be able to provide you with the information you are looking for.woman-481769_1280



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  1. Hi Marie, you make a very good point here – people often feel like they have to achieve perfection in order to be happy, but often, I think it drives things in the opposite direction. I’m a pleaser myself, and am never satisfied. Small things stress me out. I am afraid of not meeting deadlines. But some of my colleagues are satisfied with the bear minimum effort. If they miss a deadline, they don’t care. If they can’t do something straight away, they give up. BUT, they are content, and I never am. So, who has the better outlook? Interesting, isn’t it!

  2. Lovely article about stress reducing tips Marie. We can all use those. In fact just looking at your website with the lovely colors and that beautiful photo is already making me feel Zen.

    Congratulations on a beautiful website with great informative and interesting articles. All those of visit your site can only feel better when they leave and will want to come back.


    • Hello Emilie and thanks for your kind words. This is exactly what I want; to make my visitors feel better, be more relaxed and also to have an idea how to improve their lives.

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