Painting Mandala with Children – 5 easy Steps to Having a Creative Moment with the Family


Simply put a mandala is a circle with a pattern inside. There are various types of mandalas, but almost everyone has the circle shape to them. No matter what kind of artwork you prefer, everyone can find a mandala to their liking. Some have a lot of patterns and others don’t. Some are very creative and fun; other are very structured. You can find mandalas with flowers, cars, animals, stars or whatever else you might be found off. You can draw a mandala from scratch or you can get an already prepared one to colour. There are even mandalas for outdoor use if you prefer that.
A mandala is more than just a pattern. The meaning of the word in Sanskrit is actually circle. The circle is, in fact, one of the oldest symbols in human history. It is a shape you can find almost everywhere; both man made and in nature. Look around you, there are circles every were you look. You can find circles in the sun and moon and even in the patterns of snowflakes. The centre of almost every flower has a circle as well.DSC00249[1]
Painting a mandala is a perfect way to have a great time with the entire family. Since you can find so many types, you can find the one that is perfect for you and your family. From the easiest one to do, to the most advanced one for those who wants some real challenge. Here I’m going to explain why painting mandala is a good activity and how to do it the easiest and most fun way.


Mandalas are great for children. It’s impossible to do a Mandala the wrong way. This is because there is no right or wrong way when you are designing your mandala. You just create what you want in that moment. Almost every child painting a Mandala is pleased with the results when they are finished. Both young children, older children and adults will enjoy the activity. It is truly something almost everyone can do regardless of age or experience.pencils
While creating your mandala, you learn things without even knowing it. Smaller children develop motor skills that are essential for writing. They learn how to handle a pen, different colors, to keep inside the lines when they are drawing and maybe even how to use a pair of scissors. Making mandala’s will also teach children how to concentrate.
When you make a mandala you have to focus. If you don’t you could draw outside the lines or forget what colour was next, making the pattern a bit uneven. Mandalas could help to stimulate creativity. It makes you feel like a real artist, choosing a theme and creating your own one-of-a-kind mandala.
What colours would look great here? If you paint something yellow, the picture will turn out totally different than if you had chosen brown. If everyone have the same mandala they will still turn out very differently. You will have chosen your favorite colours and other people will have chooses theirs. You might press the color very hard on the paper leaving a strong colour, someone else might use less pressure creating a softer image. No matter how you create it, every mandala looks great!
The greatest benefit, as I see it, is that everyone in the family can do this together. It is a great way to spend an evening doing something as a family.


So, what do I need to paint mandalas with my family?
  • First of all you need mandalas. There are many mandala coloring books that you can buy. If you have a printer you can also download free mandalas. Just google mandala and then the hardest work will be to choose the mandalas that you like.
The mandalas you can see here my son and I coloured in last night. I’ve used this DSC00248[1]brand of mandalas to colour in as I think they have a great selection. You can download a free full version of their full book of mandala’s from mandalacoloringmeditation.
• You will need a selection of colours. Try crayons, coloured pencils, paints, pastels or markers. Choose your favourite one or try different sorts of colours on different mandalas. Just make sure there are a lot of variation in the colours. Yellow is not just yellow. It can be bright, soft, dark or light. With many options on colours the mandala will be more exciting to do.
• Find a quiet place where you can paint your mandala. It should be a nice place to sit down and work. The table should not be too low otherwise it may cause you to be uncomfortable. Turn off the TV and your cellphone if possible. Turn on some relaxing music.
• Do not rush it, take the time you need to create a Mandala to be proud of.


I usually cut it out when it’s done. It makes a nice, round picture to put on the refrigerator, as a paining in the child’s room or to use as a tablecloth. Find the perfect place for your mandala!DSC00247[1]

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  1. Hi Marie!

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post, I will download mandalas right away! I have been thinking of getting a mandala coloring book, so getting to try out coloring them for free first is absolutely perfect.
    Namaste, Kristina

    • Hello Sarah! When they are a bit older it will be a great activity to do together. It will be a nice family time; inexpensive, easy to organise and they will be able to handle a pen before they start school (that will make it easier to learn to write). Marie

  2. This is some cool information. What’s even more appealing is that you got to spend time with your son doing this. I think this is a must not only for moms, but for families 🙂 Wonderful information indeed.

    • Hi Darwin and thanks for your kind words! Yes, we had a lot of fun together; my son and I. I love activities that brings us closer together as a family. You are absolutely right; this is an activity for the entire family.

  3. wow,
    I thought the name of the website was a contradiction in terms. Now that I see the website, I see that you know what you are talking about.

  4. I have never heard of mandalas before but have seen them. I always have been intrigued by the complex patterns of some of them sorta reminds of doilies so beautiful patterned. I did not realize that these could really help with motor skills for children, I will have to keep that in mind. Maybe it could improve mine lol

  5. Hi Marie! Thanks for sharing your love for mandalas, and for referring to my site about mandalas. Wish that you may inspire many people… to become stress free 🙂

    Kind regards from Belgium,

    • Hi Steven! Thanks for your kind words and for allowing me to use your beautiful mandalas on my site. We had a wonderful evening, my son and I, coloring the mandalas.


  6. Hey there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.

    Please let me know. Many thanks

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