New Year, New Habits – how to make New Year Resolutions last

Just a few days ago many of us made New Year Resolutions. All over the world people make promises to themselves. Just a few weeks, perhaps even days, later, almost most of us has forgotten our promises. Life goes on. Nothing has changed.

How can we make New Year Resolutions last? First of all we have to be realistic. If we continue doing things the same way we always have made them, it will never change. We need to look at 2015 as a starting point. We need to create new habits. It’s also important to ask yourself what’s stopping you from making your New Year Resolutions last? It could be lack of time or inspiration. Anyway, those reasons keeps us exactly where we have been for years, so we need to understand what keeps us there to bekalender able to find ways to get around the problem.

For me a schedule is of most importance. When I really look at my life I can actually find ways to create my new habits. I can’t do a a simple schedule: I’ll exercise at 6 PM every day. Then I’ll only end up reschedule it for the next day, and the next, and the next… No, I make a really detailed schedule. First I look exactly what my life looks like. When do I go to bed, eat, go to work and so on. I also make sure I write my son’s schedule. What he does will most definitely affect my schedule,

  Me My son
5-6 AM Sleep Sleep
6-7 AM Make breakfastCheck my son’s schoolbagMake myself ready Sleep
7-8 AM Make sure my son gets ready for schoolTake care of the catsMake the kitchen tidy if there’s time

Go to work

Go upEat, get dressedGo to school
8-9 AM Start working School start


This was just a short part of my day. Looking at it I can see where I actually could have time to make the changes I want to do. For example: if my son makes his own schoolbag and I check it to make sure he didn’t forget anything in the evening I suddenly have more time during the morning. Then I could start to do visualizations. If I give my son more responsibility and have an alarm on his mobile I will have the time to clean some before work – then I will have created some free time after work.

I can also see if I need to do other changes. Am I getting enough sleep? When does my son his have after school activities and how do I make those days work? Where do I spend a lot of time – that shouldn’t be necessary? I have a very tired son in the morning. I’m constantly checking him to make sure he isn’t thinking of other things and forgets to eat, get dressed and so on. If I let the alarm clock make a sound to reminding him to get read, I’ll get a lot of extra time to do other things. At the same time he won’t feel I’m bossing him around every morning. It’s a win, win situation.

Here’s my new Schedule:

  Me My son
5-6 pm Sleep Sleep
6-7 pm VisualizationsMake breakfastMake myself ready Sleep
7-8 pm Make sure my son gets ready for schoolTake care of the catsMake the kitchen and living room tidy

Go to work

Go upEat, get dressedhave the alarm on the mobile so he know when he’s late and when it’s time to go to school
8-9 pm Start working School start


Good luck with creating a schedule that will help you keep the promises you made to yourself!

14 Replies to “New Year, New Habits – how to make New Year Resolutions last”

  1. Hello Marie,

    Just wanted to spend a moment and let you know that I really appreciated the reminder that as we ajdust things in one area of our schedule, it frees up time somewhere else. This can be a powerful way to gain traction on our day so that the day doesn’t slip away from us.

    Teaching our kiddos to take responsibility for things like getting their own school bag ready serves two purposes and empowers both your son and you! Awesome!


    • Thanks Linda! It so easy to get stuck in a habit, isn’t it? I’ve made my son’s schoolbag for so long. I didn’t even think about not making it. When I sat down with my schedule and looked at it I suddenly realized he’s older now – he needs to take more responsibility. This is the beauty of making a schedual. It’s easier to see what you accually do and find ways to improve how you go around your day.
      Have a great day

    • Thanks Peter. It’s so easy to get stuck in a habit that might be very time consuming. Finding one or two could create a lot of extra time. Have a great weekend! Marie

  2. Hi Marie.
    Last year 2014 I made resolution and nothing happend. This year 2015, I didn’t make resolution, just make a todo list, jogging 3 times a week, make post on website, take more photo by joinning photography class. And I do more..
    Self dicipline that I learn from online business,
    do whateter I love anytime..


    • Hi Septiana, I love to-do-lists! For everything I can cross out I feel great – and then I get much more done.

      It’s so easy to expect so much when planning the New Year resolution. Very often many of us have high expectations – far too high. At least I do. Then, the first time failing to reach the goal, it is easy to quit everything. Making a plan/list instead of a New Year resolution might be a way to keep it more real and the chances that we actually make it happen.

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