Meditate Your Way to a Healthy Life…

balance-110850_1280The normal start to any normal day of the year – we wake up and set our minds and our bodies into that hurried clock that traverses the same run-of-the-mill every day. With the deadlines at the workplace, daily chores at home, running errands for the children and a whole bunch of other activities that dig deeply into our times with every passing day, the vicious cycle stops only when the night finally sets in and it is time, as the world says, to go to sleep. And so we do, with our smart phones carrying logs and plans of what to do when the day begins and the cycle starts again. Finally, when we think that weekends would be our time to get off work and devote time to ourselves, but all that is done is catching up on all the tasks that were left undone, the logs that were left unchecked and the prepping up for the coming Monday.

In this immense quagmire of life, where we go on with our daily duties like a clock-246240_1280mechanized entity trapped in the rut of daily life, what we do not realize is that the mind and the body, the very elements that make all of this possible, also need their own share of attention, just like the thousands of tasks that mark our daily lives. We use them and their gigantic range of sustenance and power daily, resort to them to finish all that we have set out to do and in the process, without coming to our knowledge, fatigue sets in and there may be a day when they may not be able to support us as well as they do now.

Meditate to relax

Hence, every once in a while, there is a need to step back and reflect on us, our body, our mind and the immense power that they possess and the subsequent care and focus that they demand to keep serving us in our daily lives in the best way possible. This inner journey to our faculties can be traversed very well by the power of meditation. We have all heard of it, and some of us may have even tried it sometimes, but very few of us have made it a part of our lives. And, believe it or not, the rejuvenation experienced by those few adds multitudes to the efficiency of the mind as well as the body.

Once we make that conscious decision to delve into our mechanisms and buddhist-481765_1280perceive the joy of being alive, in no time, we will notice how even a few hours of this undistracted can make us end up feeling relaxed as ever and with the possession of new energy and zealous exuberance towards that daily life of ours. However, the impact that meditation has on our lives do not stop here. In addition to clearing our minds from all the negative energies that hinder our happiness and inner peace, medical science also testifies to decrease in the blood pressure, alleviation of stress related pains and headaches, a boost in the overall immunity and of course, the equipment of the mind with a general aura of peace that sets in the daily lives as well and enables us to handle even the stressful instances with a pervasive sense of calmness.

People, being skeptical, of the advantages that meditation can have on our lives, do not even give it a single try, citing their time and their busy lives as excuses. Truth be told, when it comes to us and our body, there is nothing in the world that is more important and more worthy of our time. The fact is that it does not demand anything from us, no money, no fancy equipments, and no artificially created environs. All we require is just a few minutes of the spare time that we have to start with and a place where we can reach out to our physical and mental pools of power with utmost concentration. It is assured that when those few minutes start bringing about a change in even the smallest aspects of life, the difference will itself be the realization of why it is important to take some time out for ourselves.

How to meditate

Another issue that very commonly comes up is the lack of awareness about meditation techniques and the right way to do it so as to gain most out of the time that we put into the process. This is where the best part comes in. And that is, although we can set about with the meditation standards prevalent all over the world, we still have the flexibility to choose our own mental states-of peace, of calmness, of serenity. And that is where the beauty of meditation lies. We choose the path that we want to take to our inner selves and as a result, we end up with the best results that our body can get.

Here are a few tips to the complete beginners who want to make meditation a part of their lives:

  • The posture matters a lot when it comes to meditating. Our stance should be one that allows all the positive energies to flow inside our body. The spine should be erect, eyes closed but not too tight and an overall composure reflecting on the entire being. Try to be as comfortable as possible so that there is no distraction during the session as far as the stance of the body is concerned.
  • Keep a sufficient gap time before and after the meals so that neither heaviness nor hunger can act as a hindrance.
  • It always helps if there is a constant small smile on the face while meditating. This small action itself channelizes our entire being into a state of happiness and optimism, which will accelerate the benefits altogether.
  • Twenty minutes is believed to be the ideal duration for meditating beginners. Some people may find it hard to concentrate in this small time as well, but should not give up. After some days, there twenty minutes will actually become something to look forward to.
  • What actually incorporates the meditation can be the individual’s calling entirely. To start with, focus on breathing, concentration on the mental thoughts, focus on each and every single part of their body and letting go of any tension or stiffness in any of them one-by-one are some of the standard techniques to carry the meditation onward. For the religiously inclined, this can be a chance for prayer or the chanting of a mantra.zen-178992_1280

Thus, a quest to the inner being is one of the greatest journeys of life that any of us can undertake as per our own choice and convenience. And when the eyes are finally opened to face life again, you will yourself be astonished as to how much change as simple a thing as meditation can bring to your persona, and ultimately reflect in your daily life as well.

4 thoughts on “Meditate Your Way to a Healthy Life…

    • Hello Sarah, first of al I think it is important to find a time when you will not be disturbed. The best time is for most people in the morning or in the evening. I find meditation makes me relax before bedtime. On the other hand, if I meditate just after I went up in the morning I feel more focused during the day. Sounds like just before bedtime is a great time for you.

  1. Thank you very much for the instructions on meditation. My family try to take time for silence; however, now that I understand how to truly meditate, I will introduce it to them as well so that we can incorporate it into our time so silence. Thanks again.

    All the best,

    • Wonderful that your family try to take time for silence! It is something many of us would benefit from if we would include it in our lives. Have a great time meditating.

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