Last Day of the Big Jucie Spring Clean

IMG_0028Finally it is here – the last day! When I started, I was not sure I would be able to make it. The idea of just drinking juices and not eating was a bit scary. How would it be possible not to feel hungry al the time? Now I know it is possible.

The challenge at the moment is not to slip. I have to stay strong the last day of the big juice spring clean – a Friday. Normally my son and I watch a movie. Of course, we have something good to eat while watching the video. Tonight he’s going to have a normal Friday evening – I have to settle with half of an avocado. It will be a challenge.

What now?

From the coaching videos, we get a lot of interesting information. Here are the favorite pieces of advice and my thoughts.

  • If we drink a vegetable based smoothie five days a week, we will have a 33 % plant based vegan diet.
  • To keep healthy and slim one idea is to be juicing once every week.
  • Cleans every quarter.
  • The minute there is a label on the food there has been some human interaction, with we should try to avoid as much as we can. Good food is no label foods. The best food is food with low human intervention. Try to eat this way 80% of the time.


What has happened since I started juicing? I had to check this evening to be albe to compare it to the results I had the evening before I started this journey.

                         When I started            5 days later                 the change

Weight:             68,6 kg (151 Ibs)         65,4 kg (144 Ibs)       : lost 3,2 kg (7Ibs)

Fat:                     37,7 %                       36,6 %                       : lost 1,1% bodyfat

Water:               43,6 %                         44,1 %                       : 0,4 % more

Burning/day:     1309 kcal                     1210 kcal                   : burn 910 kcal less

Age “inside”:     50 (I’m 45)                    50                              : none

Stomach:           7                                   7                                : none


This is Jason Vale’s 5 Ibs in 5 days plan. Both the book and apps are available to buy. After five days I’ve lost 3,2 kg or 7 Ibs (if I calculated it right); a good result. Considering the fact I just had the possibility to walk for 20 – 30 minutes every daysilhouettes-271104_1280 and to get top results we were supposed to exercise 30 minutes twice a day. If I had, I wonder how much I would have lost.

More interesting is the fact that I lost 1,1 % body fat. After not eating solid food for five days I’m bound to have lost some weight, but losing body fat shows me it has actually worked.

I’m burning fewer calories now. Why, you wonder, but I’ve been at home today with a feverish son and have not been moving around at all. I need to see how much I burn a normal day.

I feel better and have more energy during the day. In the evening, I can feel when I start to get tired and need to go to bed. I have fewer problems falling asleep.

The conclusion

I am happy with the results. So, it is not noticeable, I didn’t take any new pictures since you can’t see any change – but I can feel the change. I love 5 Ibs in 5 days. Five days are such short time; it is easy to schedule and to stick to the program. I want to do this again. In June, I start my vacation and then I’ll be able to exercise twice a day. I’m looking forward finding out how big difference it will be when I exercise too.

4 thoughts on “Last Day of the Big Jucie Spring Clean

  1. Hi Marie, quite a challenge you have taken on. Congratulation on your achievement so far. You have certainly given the rest of us something to think about. Keep it up.

    • It was not so hard as I had interpreted. The interesting thing is, now when I started to eat normal food again, much I usually eat is too sweet or too fat. I actually long for healthier food.

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