How to Exercise When You Have Children?

jogger-515665_1280Children are one of the most precious gifts given to any parent, and also one of the most attention-seeking. Right from the day that they set foot
into your lives, they can wrap you around their little fingers and ensure that your days are filled with constant care and love for them. In such a scenario, it becomes very difficult for their parents, especially the mothers to catch up on their fitness routines and to ensure that they stay in shape. Even when children go to school, the errands around the house make extracting time out from the schedule for exercise a fairly difficult task.

However, since fitness is one of the most integral parts of life and cannot be neglected on any account, it is extremely important that new parents, as well as the experienced ones, make daily exercise a part of their lives, at the same time ensuring that their children do not feel neglected or ignored under any circumstances. Hence, here are some tips in order to enable you to design your fitness regime according to your children’s schedules so that you can get the best out of the least possible amount of time:

  • The best way to exercise when you have children is to include them as muchclimbing-519198_1280 as you can into your overall regime. This will ensure that they stay in front of your eyes and you can concentrate on your exercise without much worry.
  • For those who enjoy working out alone, the nap time of the kids is by far, the best possible opportunity for you to catch up on any lost exercise and to stay true to your body’s fitness program.
  • One absolutely fun way to ensure that you are getting your daily dose of exercise is to ensure that all your daily chores become an exercise in one way or another. This can include:-
  • Incorporate climbing stairs as much as you can during your daily tasks. Not just will it get the work done, but will also help you knock off a number of calories.
  • Engage your toddlers in a dance routine in order to keep them busy and to give yourself the much needed workout.
  • While cleaning up your kids’ toys and other stuff, try moving as much as
    possible. Include crawling, squatting etc. into your movements so that even the most trivial of tasks can turn into big opportunities to lose weight.
  • While your babies are still too young, make a habit of outing them into a stroller along with the appropriate essentials, and going for a walk. Not just will it be a freshening experience for you, it will also lead to a change of environs for the baby.
  • Look for classes in your neighborhood that cater to the specific fitness needs of mothers. Some of these facilities even have the luxury of bringing your baby along while you work out, something which is a big plus for mothers.
  • Invest in some good home exercise equipment that will enable you to utilize active-19413_1280whatever precious little time you have for your own body. This will take away any time constraints and ensure that you work out in close proximity of your baby.
  • If you are a bike enthusiast, then nothing even comes close to getting a trailer for your toddler and taking him/her along with you for a bike ride as and when time permits. This forms an ideal way to incorporate parent-child bonding as well as get back on the fitness bandwagon.
  • Take up more chores around the household. For instance, stretching and bending down for cleaning or squatting and coming back up again in case of gardening will provide ideal forms of exercise for your body without you even realizing it.
  • Although it is a very difficult job, but if you can make a schedule for fitness just like any other aspect of your life, it will ensure that you do not miss out on anything. Keep aside the maximum amount of time you think you can take out from your routine as well as the baby’s and effectively combine them to create an innovative fitness experience.
  • Try to participate in whatever marathons or runs are organized for charity or other noble causes in and around the city you stay in. This will just be a very good kick start and appropriate motivation for you to tie your shoes tight and get set to get fit.

Thus, although a baby brings with it a lot of responsibilities for a very long time to come which can make you put your needs on the backburner, but time and again, baby-carriage-233261_1280it is really important to introduce a self-check on your regime and ensure that your health and fitness do not get neglected on any account. This is because; it is only with a fit body and a healthy mind that you can fill yourself with positivity and enthusiasm for the other tasks of the day as well. Hence, this automatically means that you  will be able to raise your toddler in a better way as well by filling his/her environs with the same enthusiasm that a fitness regime has built in within you.

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    • Hi Coco,
      I’m glad you found the tips useful! Many mothers with younger children want to exercise, but it is not so easy to do. Then it is time to find new ways to exercise.

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