How to Eat Right and Live Healthy

fruit-419623_1280With the pace of life increasing at a drastic rate, everything in life has become a hurried maneuver, to be encountered, passed and checked off out of the never-ending list of things to do. As a result, a run-of-the-mill has set in, with every day being more or less the same, a hustle of jobs and busy schedules of all the family members intertwined in a giant mess. The worst consequence of this daily struggle is the fact that we begin to lose touch with ourselves, so much so that the body as well as the mind becomes lackluster after a certain point of time and that is when we realize how much we have fallen back.

Though people these days claim to have become fitness conscious and more stretching-498256_1280aware of their bodies, this fitness is as a result of all the wrong reasons. More and more attention to one’s looks and a desire to get into the right figure and in the minimum possible time prompt people to resort to strenuous training regimes, excessive dieting and sweating it out on mechanized means every day. And as these people cover their kilometers on the treadmill, they leave behind the major essence of being fit, and that is not neglecting the body, inside as well as outside.

Is dieting the solution?

Starvation is never a solution, to anything in the world. It may work in the short term for a small amount of time. But, in due course, there will be a realization that the beauty which comes from deep within the body was lost somewhere beneath the layers of sagging skin and immensely evaporating fat layers. Hence, it is extremely important that in addition to the controlled and well-planned physical regimes, food gets as much attention as well. Controlling the nutrition and what and when you eat are the detrimental steps that determine the amount of success that workouts are going to be.

Also, having a balance of all essential nutrients takes care that no part of the body suffers due to the deficiencies in food. The health of the hair, skin, teeth and all other visible indicators will offer the best testimony of how switching to a healthy and wholesome diet can alter the overall stance and aura of the body altogether. And although it may sound difficult to maintain that balance, it is a very simple task and can be easily done within the purview of daily cooking itself.

How do I eat better? yogurt-387454_1280

Here are some tips that will help to ensure that the right food reaches your system:

  • Never ban the entry of any kind of foods into the daily diet, even fats and sugars. This is because in the quest of becoming fit, when we give up on these luxuries, the body tends to get more accustomed to a lower tolerance towards them. This will result in a greater throwback in weight once you start eating them once again. Hence, keep everything intact, but only in moderation.
  • Chewing is one of the most important things that many of us neglect or overlook. Our body is not equipped to digest the less chewed-on food. It is our responsibility to grind it to the maximum possible level and make the digestion a lot easier.
  • Incorporate at least two to three liters of water into your everyday routine. But, take care that this water is not consumed within two hours of eating the food. Water will keep the metabolism of the body to an optimum and help smooth the entire working of the system.
  • When eating, ensure that your daily meals cover as many essential nutrients for the body as possible. This can include having whole grains in breakfast, greens in lunch, calcium based products like milk etc. in the evening. Try to diversify your plate as much as you can.
  • Eat as much as you can at home itself so that you can stay away from the unhealthy amounts of salt, oil and other disastrous products in the food from restaurants and delis. However, eating at home does not mean use of pre-processed foods and seasoned vegetables etc. as they are equally harmful to the body as food from outside.
  • Keep a time of the day, preferable at least two hours before and after eating for your raw fruit and vegetable intake. This will ensure that your body gets the right amount of fiber that it needs. Try to make an interesting salad with different combinations everyday for the whole family so that the goodness that each fruit incorporates within it can reach your life as well.
  • Never fill yourself up while eating. Know when to stop. If there is no such means for you to detect when saturation has been attained, define your portion from the beginning itself and stick to that. It is always better to have more number of smaller meals than fewer big ones as it gives the body ample time and resources to put food in the processing and ensure proper digestion.

Thus, every food on the earth, whether derived from plants or animals, comes with its own set of qualities, defined nutrients and a specialized impact that consuming it can have on our body. Hence, it should be ensured that the meals are prepared and consumed in such a way so that the best can be taken out of them and along with properly laid out exercise plans, the fitness of the body gets its real meaning in the actual sense of the word and the body benefits, both in terms of how you look as well as how you feel internally.

 The final goalfamily-eating-at-the-table-619142_1280

At the end of the successful regime, you will find that not just your internal metabolism will support your fitter self, but a smoother and shinier skin, brilliant hair and, of course, a charm that comes only with the incorporation of good food into the diet will make their presence felt in your daily life. Hence, before you make any aggressive decisions to lose weight and straightaway pick your bags and head to the gym, just take a step back to re-plan your food requirements as well so that you get only what is best for you.

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