Health, food and exercise

meditation-338446_1280This is a huge subject. If we go to the internet, we will find lots and lots of
information. Most of us know what we are supposed to do and we might want to make some improvements in our life, but very often we actually don’t make the changes necessary. The reason is often a lack of time  and energy. However, it is in stressful situations when we have the least time and energy; we need to to take the best care of ourselves

Still, whatever we choose to do and whatever changes we want to make in our lives, it has to be possible to fit it in our hectic everyday lives. No matter how well aware we are of the fact we need to eat well and move our body – we will not continue to do so if it is hard to incorporate into our everyday lives. What we need is easy to do improvements that will fit our daily routines. 


The food we put in our mouth and the refreshment we drink effects our lives. Perhaps it affects our lives more than we want to acknowledge. If we are stressed out, we often start to eat and drink everything we know we shouldn’t. Lack of energy forces us to find quick solutions. Lack of energy makes us eat whatfork-207410_1280 is fast and easy to prepare – and the less washing up afterwards the better. Good, healthy food is not a priority. When we have to do even more, but the body is aching because we are so tired, caffeine and sugar feel like salvors. Half an hour more energy is the fastest solution, perhaps the only solution, at the moment. Knowing it is bad for us we might even try to hide it, so no one realizes how poorly we are eating and drinking. It becomes something to be ashamed of. The minute it is a shame it is even harder to control; worse case scenario we start to feel so bad about it that we need some comfort… and then we eat even more.

On the other hand, food can be a great support in a bad situation. As long as we eat healthily the body stays as strong as it possibly can be. The more strength we have, the more energy we have left and the better we can handle the stresses we are affected with. With the  proper nutrition we can actually cope with stress better. If we don’t get the vitamins and minerals, we need the body won’t work at it’s best.


Exercise is extremely important for out wellbeing. A lot of us relaxes while exercising. It is a big stress releaser. It can also be an opportunity to have a “me-time”, where you for active-19413_1280once can forget about everything you have to do and be and just live in the moment. 

No matter how aware we all are about the importance of exercise and how good it makes us feel, very often it becomes the source of guilt for many of us. We know we should, but somehow we can’t manage to incorporate into our lives. Especially with smaller children it is hard to find the time. It might also be a problem to find someone who can keep an eye on the children when you are not there. 

It is important to find a solution. How can I incorporate exercise into my life, the way my life is right now, the best way possible? Are there  small changes I can do, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator? Small changes that I easily can incorporate into everyday actions?  Even changes that seems insignificant can make a big difference.

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