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My New Year rituals059

It’s almost New Year’s Eve. The rituals we make on this day are different from country to country, from family to family, from person to person. I want to share two of my favorite New Year rituals with you.

What about this year

No matter if we stay at home, just family, or if we leave home to celebrate with friends or relatives, my son and I always dress up. This is a special day. I like to treat it as a special day.

When my son is dressed up I find a place where it looks nice. Our Christmas tree is one of my favorite places. I ask him to sit down. Then I take my camera and put it on “movie” instead of “picture”.

I encourage him to talk about the year. I let him decide what he wants to tell me about. The things he chooses are always what is important to him. After some time it usually gets hard for him to figure out what to say. A year is 365 days and it’s hard to remember what happened during the year. For children this is especially hard. They live in the moment. Then I help him with questions. What experiences did he have this year? Has he tried something new? Has he learned something new? What did he do during the summer or on his birthday? What Christmas Gifts did he receive?

The best thing with this ritual is that you can look at the videos and see how your child has grown. It is exactly the same day every year. The difference is, when children get older, they talk about new things and express themselves in a different way depending on the age.

New Year Card to myself

Now it’s time to be creative. I put all the artistic material I have at home on the kitchen table. Paper  of all sizes, shapes and colors, glitter, pearls, glue, fabric with 079different patterns, pencils and different colors to paint with. You name it, I’ve got it.

When I’ve got all my supplies together I sit down with my son to create a New Years card. This is not the normal card you send or receive. It is a card with all the wishes you have for the New Year. Small children can draw or you can write down their hopes for the year. Older children can write themselves. Decorate the cards. Be creative. There are no limits to what the card should look like. Your own imagination is the limit.

These are my two favorite rituals on New Years Eve. I wish you all a very Happy New Year!



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    • Hello Sara! Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I find it fascinating to see how he grow and change on the videos. He is ten now so I’m thinking of watching them with him this year. Not al of them, but a few from when he was younger. I think he is old enough to enjoy it now. Marie

  1. Those are some very interesting things to do, and I may even do them myself someday! I personally think the video thing is pretty awesome. Keep up the good work!

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